What is European Kitchen and how they differ from their American counterparts?

Feb 4, 2021 6:24:12 AM / by Marfa Cabinets

Have you ever wondered what makes a European-style kitchen and how they differ from their American counterparts? Here’s everything you need to know about European kitchens and why our designers love working in this style!


Less is more

With European kitchens, less is always more. Sleek, simple, sexy and sophisticated. The European kitchen embodies all things modern, for a minimalist aesthetic that emphasizes its cutting-edge architecture and high functionality.

Unlike their American counterparts, European kitchens swap excess ornamentation for seamless, uninterrupted design typically featuring frameless cabinets, integrated appliances, hidden storage and flush, flat-panel doors with little to no hardware.


The best of both worlds:
high design & functionality

IOn the cutting-edge of modern design and engineering, European kitchen cabinets are built for ultimate performance with clean, sweeping lines to maintain a seamless look. Their frameless construction provides valuable storage space, adjustable shelving and greater customization capabilities than the traditional face frame cabinet.

Clever, compact design not only yields the most efficient use of space, but lends a contemporary and chic feel perfect for the modern lifestyle.


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A blank canvas to let your creativity run wild

The world is your oyster when designing your kitchen. Thankfully, European-style kitchens make it easy to experiment with different finishes. Most materials and color palettes traditionally chosen for European kitchens are neutral in nature such as metals and glass, which may feel stark at times.


Depending on your design sensibility however, you can add a pop of color or incorporate a dynamic interplay of synthetic and natural materials like metal and wood to bring some warmth back into the kitchen and make it your own.

So, whether you prefer warm or cool tones or gravitate toward interesting textures, Marfa Cabinets offers a wide selection of custom finishes for you to choose from!

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